The Austrian Computer Society (OCG) is market leader in individual ICT certifications in Austria. It is the only certifying body for the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) in Austria and also offers a wide range of its own OCG-developed products.

The OCG does not carry out tests but it is responsible for the authorization of training and testing organizations (Authorized Test Center). The OCG also issues the certificates.


ECDL Base certifies your digital literacy.

ECDL Standard

With the ECDL Standard Certificate you can prove your essential skills in all major applications.

ECDL Advanced

With the ECDL Advanced the professional use of office applications - word processing, spreadsheets, data base, presentation - is certified.

ECDL Image Editing

The ECDL Image Editing Certificate proves that you are familiar with the functions of an image editing application.

ECDL Web Editing

The ECDL Web Editing Certificate proves, that you have acquired the basic skills to design and edit websites.


The ECDL CAD is the first certificate for two-dimensiional computer aided design. It is a detailed introduction into this area and serves as basis for continuing education and vocational development.


The study and working book you start IT and the teacher's book accompany the first steps of pupils from the age of 10 on their way to handle the computer safely.


The PC-Start is a simple, practice related studying and training programme for people of all ages and professions who have never before worked on a computer.

OCG Typing Certificate

The OCG Typing Certificate (OTC) is an automatic test consisting of a 10-minute transcript. Writing speed and errors are the deciding criteria.

OCG Web Management

The OCG Web Management Certificate proves that you are highly proficient in developing and servicing professional websites.

pm basic

With the pm basic certificate you prove your basic knowledge in project management (PM). You are familiar with pm terminology and know the major pm tools.

Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP)

the personal CBPP®-Certification shows your current knowledge level in process management.