The compact ECDL Base profile - 4 Base modules to prove your digital literacy.


Computer Essentials, written on light blue puzzle piece

- PC, mobile devices, storage media and software
- Operating system and office programmes
- Create and organise files and folders
- Internet and wireless networks
- Computer viruses and handling threats


Online Essentials, written on light blue puzzle piece

- E-government, e-banking, e-learning
- Search for information critically
- Download, save and print web content
- Data protection and copyright
- E-mail and online communication


Word Processing, written on light blue puzzle piece

- Write and save letters and documents
- Automatic spell check
- Format documents efficiently
- Use tables, images and charts
- Print documents


Spreadsheets, written on light blue puzzle piece

- Use worksheets for numbers and text
- Work with formulas and functions
- Create column, pie and line charts
- Move, copy, sort and arrange data
- Print tables, charts and lists

  • You can use the office programmes.
  • You can work faster and more efficiently on the computer.
  • You get an international certificate to prove your qualification.


Preparation for test:

  • Course at a Test Center (not compulsory)
  • Self-study (use the wide range of approved learning materials)
  • MS Windows 10
  • MS Windows 8
  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Office 2016
  • MS Office 2013
  • MS Office 2010
  • MS Office 2007
  • Open Source

If you want to take a test - contact an authorised ECDL Test Centers

The tests are based on the current syllabus version of ECDL Base.

Examination time: 45 minutes per module

Test method: 

Automatic test systems (ATS):


Recommended price:

  • 1 Skills Card for Base/Standard (only one registration fee for both): € 66
  • Test (per module): € 34
  • Total: € 202

Price for pupils at school test centers:

  • 1 Skills Card for Base/Standard: € 37
  • Test (per module): € 15
  • Total: € 97