ECDL Web Editing

With the ECDL Web Editing Certificate shows that you understand the key web publishing concepts and are able to create and manage a web site (basic level).

You understand the web design concepts and the main web editing functions.


The candidate will be able to

  • understand key web concepts and terms.
  • know about the basic principles of HTML and use them.
  • use a web editor application to design web pages, format text and work with hyperlinks and tables.
  • recognise and use common web image formats and create forms in a web page.
  • understand and use cascading style sheets.
  • prepare web pages for publishing to a web server.
  • Internationally standardised certificate to prove your qualification
  • Comparable educational level
  • Solid grounding in working with web design
  • Practical skills in working with a web editor

Basic computer skills

Preparation for tests:

  • Course at a Test Center (not compulsory)
  • Self-study (choose among the wide range of approved learning materials)

Dreamweaver, Phase5v.542, MS Expression Web


The tests must be taken at authorised ECDL Test Centers.

The tests are based on the current ECDL Web Editing syllabus (Syllabi).

Exam time: 45 minutes

Test method: 

manually (MQTB)


Recommended price:

  • Skills Card: € 40
  • Test: € 26.50
  • Total: € 66.50

Price for pupils at school test centers.

  • Skills Card and test: €35