Energy Informatics


Network Analysis of the Scientific Community

Efficient energy systems of the future will be based on renewable energy souces and will use enabling technology like information and communication technology. They are the basis for technological and economic interconnectedness and thus support an independent, safe and sustainable energy supply in Europe.

In order to safeguard Europe's engery supply with the aim to reduce the dependence on imports and to reduce CO2 emission, radical changes of the current energy system are necessary. The creation of an international network is the key to identify and solve the involved challenges.

To that aim a co-operation between Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH) has been initiated which will work out joint solutions for the more active integration of these players into the energy system (Smart Grids). An internationally acting Scientific Community in the German-speaking area for the topic  ICT based energy systems will be created.

The knowledge generation on an international level will be ensured by establishing the scientifice conference series Energy Informatics.

Conference Series Energy Informatics