OCG Web Management

The OCG Web Management Certificate shows that you can develop and manage websites professionally.

At the moment the certificate is offered in German only. 


The OCG Web Management modules:

  • compulsory:

    • WM 01 ECDL Image Editing
    • WM 02 ECDL Web Editing
    • WM 03 OCG Web Design & Usability

    optional (at least 2)

    • WM 04 OCG Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • WM 05 OCG Web Administration & Promotion Methods
    • WM 06 OCG Web Accessibility
    • WM 07 OCG Rich Media (Flash)
    • WM 08 OCG Web Video
    • WM 09 OCG Client-Side Web Scripting (JavaScript)
    • WM 10 OCG Server-Side Web Scripting (PHP & MySQL)
  • High-end certification developed by webdesigen experts
  • Comparable skills and education levels of staff
  • Increase in productivity of staff

solid basic computer skills

Exam preparation:

  • Course at an authorised OCG and/or ECDL Test Center (not  compulsory)
  • Self-study

Adobe Dreamweaver or any HTML Editor
FTP‑Program, Webbrowser;
Adobe Photoshop (CS 2 or up),
Adobe Photoshop Elements,
Adobe Premiere Elements,


There is one test for each of the individual certificates. The tests are available in German only.

If you want to obtain the OCG Web Management Certificate you must have passed 5 of the 10 certificate tests. All certificates of the first group (see content/module) must be made. The additional two moduls can be chosen individually.

Test method: 

manually (MQTB)

Tests are in German only!


Recommended price:
Price for adult education programmes

  • Skills Card: € 40 per module
  • Test / Repetition for WM 01/02: € 26.50
  • Test/ Repetition for WM 03 to 10: € 35

Price for pupils at school test centers

  • WM 01/02: Skills Card and first test: € 35 per module
  • WM 03 to 10: Skills Card € 25 per module; costs of tests are set by schools
  • Repetition: Costs are set by school