Test methods

For ECDL certification tests automatic test systems are used.

If there is more than one test system available for an ECDL certificate, it is up to the authorised Test Center to decide which one to use.

Automatic test systems (ATS)

The automatic test system shows the test questions and tasks in a window on your monitor. Theory questions are multiple choice, consisting of four questions and one possible answer to click. Practical tasks are carried out in-application. The tests are evaluated automaticallyand the results shown immediately after each test.

In Austria the following test systems are approved:

Manual test method (MQTB)

The test questions are collected the Manual Question Test Base, MQTB.

MQTB tests are reserved for candidates with special needs and need prior approval by the OCG.

The candidates get a print-out of their questions and tasks.  Practical tasks are carried out in-application on the PC.

ECDL examiners evaluate the tests and enter the test results in the OCG database where the candidates can access them.